If you run a coffee shop or café, it’s likely that you are reliant on your coffee machine, grinder and the skills of your baristas to generate a huge part of your sales revenue.  What’s more, the coffee that you serve needs to be better than ever due to increased competition on the high street and your customers’ expectations growing year on year.   Our Full Care Coffee Machine Rental Service, not only provides you with the professional coffee equipment you need, but also guarantees that you will receive the support you need, when you need it, to improve the coffee you serve and protect your all-important sales revenue.  Read on to find out how we help with this and, explain the benefits.

Coffee Machine Installation/Getting Started with your Coffee Machine

Choosing the right equipment for your coffee shop is just as important to us as it is to you.  Why?  We want to develop long term relationships with our customers, and so renting the right equipment that you can afford is how this is achieved!  If you need our advice, we do all we can to help you choose the best coffee machine for your business.  Once the equipment has been chosen we make sure you have all of the information you need to prepare your café for the equipment.  Because without the correct electrical supply & water supply there will be no coffee.

When you are ready we can install your espresso machine and grinder within a few days.  There is no  charge for installation. Our expert technicians will even calibrate the equipment to the recipe advised by your coffee roaster.  This will make sure the coffee you serve to your very first customer will taste great!

Emergency Response when your Coffee Machine Breaks Down

One of the key benefits to renting a coffee machine from us is that our team of coffee engineers are employed full time by ourselves and our service area is 2 hours travel time from our workshop.  When we receive a call from a barista in trouble we send an engineer to help straight away.  That’s why we are usually on-site within a couple of hours of a coffee machine breakdown. Sometimes it’s even quicker!  

If you already run a coffee shop or café, you will know how expensive it can be, waiting days for an independent coffee machine engineer to arrive, when you can’t sell coffee.  And there is no guarantee that they will have the part that they need to fix the problem when they do.  Our range of espresso machines and grinders is big enough so that we have the right equipment for your business but not so large that we can’t carry all of the parts.  So your coffee machine is fixed quickly, down time is minimized and sales are maximized.  In the unlikely event that the coffee machine cannot be fixed, our engineers will have a replacement coffee machine to you within a few hours so you can continue to serve coffee, and pay your bills.

Unlimited Servicing

Coffee machines require regular servicing to keep them functioning at their best and to reduce the amount of breakdowns.  

The main offender is the scale that builds up, causing blockages and leaks.  We fit a water filter, which will slow down the build-up of scale, but it will not stop it completely.  There are also many rubber seals in the coffee machine that need to be replaced because over time they will become brittle, causing more leaks and disfunction.  But fear not, the benefit of renting your coffee machine from us means you don’t need to worry.

All of the servicing is included in the rental charge. So you can keep your coffee machine in top condition without breaking the bank.  We would recommend a service every year, but if you are extra busy we can service your equipment more often.  Just give us a call and we will book an engineer for you at a time that is good for your business.

When we service your coffee machine our IOSH qualified engineer will also perform a pressure system examination to make sure the machine is safe to use for a further year.  We can also provide you with a certificate to prove this has be done and for your insurer.  Safety, is our number one priority.

Support on the Weekends

Many coffee shops and cafes do a roaring trade on the weekend, and coffee machines don’t care what day it is when they decide to break down. Imagine opening up on a sunny Saturday morning only to find your espresso machine doesn’t heat up!  Should you have a problem with making coffee on the weekend we have an engineer ready to help.  So you don’t loose a whole weekends coffee sales and your regular customers don’t find another sunny spot for their latte.

Barista Support

To consistently serve great coffee that your customers will queue for, three things are needed.  Firstly a professional coffee machine and grinder.  Secondly good coffee!  Finally an experienced barista to make the coffee.  Espresso machines produce hot water at a stable temperature and pump it through coffee at 9 bar pressure.  They also produce steam that is used to heat milk and hot water for alternative hot drinks.  They do not make the coffee.  It is the job of the barista to bring all of these resources together to produce the hand brewed coffee that your customers desire.

50% of the breakdown calls we receive are not caused by mechanical break-down.  It may be that that the grinder needs adjusting.  This is commonly confused with “there’s not enough pressure in the coffee machine” because the coffee extracts very slowly.  In reality the coffee simply needs to be ground slightly coarser and the problem can be fixed in a few minutes over the telephone.  But it really is, the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems your baristas can encounter.

All of our coffee machines have our telephone number on them.  Simply call us and the phone will be answered by a human being with the knowledge required to resolve the problem.  If the problem cannot be resolved over the telephone, or the problem is due to mechanical breakdown we are ready to help, and will usually be on-site within a couple of hours.

If you are wondering what other issues a barista can face and how we help check out our Barista Guide.

Use Any Coffee

Unlike other machine deals you are free to use any coffee beans you choose.  This means you can change the coffee you serve easily and keep things interesting for your customers. What’s more, you are likely to get the best per kilo price because the supplier is not trying to cover the cost of the equipment, with the price they charge you for the coffee.

No Capital Investment

Espresso machines are expensive.  Prices for a two group (medium sized machine) and professional grinder start at around £4000.  That’s before factoring in the installation and barista training.  God forbid, you spend thousands of pounds on a 2 group, and soon realize you need a 3 group coffee machine.  To get started with our Full Care Coffee Machine Rental service all we require is 1 months deposit which we pay back to you when we receive the equipment back.  The benefit of this is your only monthly expenditure for the coffee machine is the fixed rental charge paid each month.  Then, if you need a 3 group machine a few months later we will bring you one.  No new contract needs to be signed, we simply adjust your monthly invoice.

Easy Expansion Service

Adding a new site to your chain of coffee shops can be a lot of work.  Each new location will bring it’s own challenges and unexpected delays.  So having fast and hassle free access to professional coffee equipment, makes things a lot easier.  We will help you choose the right equipment for your new site and keep the paperwork down to a minimum.  So you can plan your opening day with confidence!

Final Thoughts

At the heart of your business, the coffee machine is tasked with providing your main source of revenue.  But due to limescale , general use & barista error, there will be times, that the coffee machine cannot be used.  

Whether or not it’s the fault of the equipment, the new barista, or a bit of both we are ready to help, taking the hassle away and fixing the problem quickly, so you can continue to serve great coffee and benefit from renting a coffee machine from day one!













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