Rocket Boxer 1 Group

  • 2 Group version also available
  • Extraction time led display for each group
  • Two cool touch steam wands
  • 4 illuminated and programmable brew buttons per group
  • Programmable hot water doser per group
  • Manual Brew Buttons
  • Includes Manual Super Jolly Auto Grinder
  • Raised groups for use with tall cups


Rocket espresso hand build their espresso machines in Milan.  The Rocket Boxer is an all metal compact machine.  Smaller machines usually compromise on boiler size, but not the Boxer.  This machine punches above its weight with a 8 litre boiler so the water it produces is consistent in temperature, important for consistent espresso.

The machine comes with a shot timer so you can keep an eye on your extraction times, making  it easier to serve well balanced coffee.  It also has cool touch steam wands, a feature commonly found on more expensive espresso machines.

We also think this machine looks great.


  • Boiler Capacity 8.3 L
  • Dimensions 48cm wide x 47cm high x 49cm deep
  • Net Weight 65kg
  • Power 2300w
  • 230 volts