Espresso Machine Rental Services for Coffee Roasters and their Customers

Over the years we have found that our Full Care Espresso Machine Rental Service can greatly benefit the Coffee Roaster as well as the customer.  Our service takes the hassle away from arranging equipment maintenance through independent engineers and allows the coffee roaster to concentrate on other aspects of their business… roasting coffee!

Since the mid 1990’s Coffee Cup Equipment has worked with some of the UK’s leading coffee suppliers.  We started by working closely with Lavazza and Illy before the emergence of the third wave coffee market.  Since then, the fragmentation of the coffee market has led to us working with a number of well-known speciality coffee roasters.

If you are a coffee roaster and are looking for a rental solution that you and your customers can rely on, we can help.  All we require is an introduction to the customer and we take care of everything.

coffee grinder

We do not roast coffee and will never sell coffee to your customers

Our Full Care Service & How we work with our Customers

As well as the Espresso Machine & Grinder our rental charges include our Full Care Service:

  • Advice on equipment and suitability
  • Installation
  • Unlimited servicing for parts and labour
  • Annual pressure system examinations and certificates
  • Unlimited breakdown cover for parts and labour
  • We are on-site within a couple of hours of a breakdown
  • Weekend Cover
  • Equipment changes if the initial choice is unsuitable
  • Equipment relocation
  • Barista support on-site and over the telephone
  • Barista Training

We now have over 350 machines rented out in London & the South-East.  Our engineers are employed by ourselves full time, so are ready to help when we need them.  They have their own vans stocked up with machine parts and are usually on site within a couple of hours to fix the problem.  We listen to our customers & do not quibble when we are called out to adjust a grinder.

How we work with Coffee Suppliers

We know that there are many options when it comes to providing the right equipment for your customers.  So why recommend Coffee Cup Equipment?

Our Full Care Service resolves many of the problems your customers will encounter.  They simply call us using the telephone number on the machine and we fix the problem with them directly, so you are not interrupted at the roastery.

As well as this:

  • Our fast response means minimal downtime and maximum coffee sales.
  • Our Engineers know about coffee.  Ok so they are not champion cuppers, but they know how to make coffee and about the pitfalls baristas can encounter.  They understand recipes, can dial in grinders and set volumetrics.  All you need to do is provide us with your recipe.
  • We do not roast our own coffee & will never sell coffee to your customer.
  • Our service is risk free for your business.  The customer signs the rental agreement and pays the monthly rental charges directly to us.  The liability for the rental charge is with the customer.
  • We can install equipment as quickly as a couple of days from enquiry.  So, there’s no need to stress when your customers machine gives up on them and they can continue to serve your coffee with minimal disruption.
  • The customer can have a machine installed for the initial cost of our deposit – that’s the equivalent of 1 month’s rental and they are good to go.
  • Our unique machine refurbishment programme reduces waste and carbon footprint.  Helping your customers to serve coffee sustainably.  There is no compromise on quality.  Our machines go out scratch free, performing and looking like they are brand new.
  • It’s important that your standards as a roastery are represented by the equipment we supply.  We will always make sure your customers use an on-demand grinder and pair it with a suitable espresso machine.
  • We offer 1, 2 and 3 year rental agreements so your customers can choose the length of agreement, right for their situation.

Our Range of Coffee Equipment

We offer 1, 2 & 3 group professional espresso machines from Wega, Rocket & La Marzocco.

We also offer on-demand espresso grinders from Mazzer, as well as the Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 and Mahlkonig E65S & E80S GBW’s.

All La Marzocco’s are installed with a BWT Bestmax water filter.  Wega’s and Rockets are installed with a CTU (Calcium Treatment Unit) water softener.  There is no charge for the softener, it is covered by the rental payments.

Our range of equipment is kept simple so that our engineers can carry all of the necessary parts on their vans.  We think it is more important that our engineers can fix the equipment first time, rather than the customer having a huge range of equipment to choose from initially.

See our rental equipment page for all of our equipment.

We would love to work with you

At Coffee Cup Equipment we want to build long term relationships with customers and coffee suppliers.  We want these relationships to be beneficial & sustainable to all 3 parties.

If you are interested in recommending our services to your wholesale customers or would like more information, please contact us for a chat.  Similarly, if you would like to meet with us, we would be happy to visit you or invite you to our showroom in West Molesey.

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