Owning a professional espresso machine can be expensive, it comes with responsibility, hassle & risk.  Not only is there the initial cost of purchase, and risk that you could invest in unsuitable equipment, there is also the continued maintenance of the machine.  Over time the water in the espresso machine will leave scale behind, blocking pipes and inhibiting the functionality of the equipment. Water filtration will slow down the scale, but it will not stop it completely.  That’s why regular servicing and breakdown support is essential to keep the coffee pouring and your customers smiling.

If you own your equipment, who will do this for you? Emergency callouts can be expensive, how much money will you lose when you are waiting for their help? And when they arrive will they have the parts for your espresso machine? That’s assuming there is anything wrong with the equipment.  It could be that an engineer arrives to say there’s nothing wrong with the equipment – “it’s your electrical supply” or “you just need to adjust the grinder settings.”  Will your baristas have the support they need to make sure this unnecessary disruption doesn’t happen?

This is where we come in

Whether you are new to serving coffee or have a wealth of hospitality experience behind you all of our customers receive the following benefits:

  • Expert knowledge and guidance. If your passion outweighs your experience, we will help you choose the right equipment and advise you on how to prepare your site.
  • In a hurry? We have the machines in stock and ready to go so we can install in as little as 24 hours from enquiry.
  • Installation. Our engineers will install the equipment and calibrate it to the recipe for your coffee.  This means your coffee will taste great from day one.
  • Barista Training. Our on-site barista training will help your staff serve great coffee to every customer who steps through your door.
  • Unlimited Breakdown Service. In an emergency we are usually on-site within 2 hours – it’s an emergency if you can’t serve coffee!
  • Emergency Weekend Breakdown Service. We have an engineer ready to help on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Unlimited Servicing. Our full service will minimise the chances of equipment breakdown.
  • Water Filtration Management & Cartridges. When we service the equipment we will check your filter and if necessary adjust the bypass or fit a replacement unit.
  • PSSR Compliance for Health & Safety. When we service your machine our IOSH qualified engineer will perform a pressure system examination and produce a report for your insurer.
  • Barista Support. Accidents happen and can be just as costly as mechanical breakdown.  Our barista support will help you to quickly resolve the problem and continue to serve the coffee your customers love.
  • Machine Swap Option. Maybe the amount of coffee you are selling is different to what you predicted.  If required, we will upsize or downsize your equipment to best suit your business.
  • Fast Expansion Service. Easily add new sites to your account without unnecessary paperwork.
  • Equipment relocation. We will send an engineer to move your equipment – within your existing site or to a new site.
  • You can use any coffee you want. Choose your favourite coffee roaster or mix it up to keep your customers interested.
  • Environmentally Aware. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability through our machine refurbishment programme.  Renting an as-good-as-new espresso machine minimises waste and extends the life of these timeless workhorses – with no compromise on quality.
  • There are no unexpected bills. Everything is included in the rental charge so not only is it great value for money but you can budget your spending with confidence. 
  • We are nice people to do business with. When you call us a human being will answer the phone, there are no automated menus or robots.  We respond to emails quickly and do what we say we will do.

At Coffee Cup Equipment we make the whole operation easy and hassle-free so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  All you need is the coffee… 

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Our Engineers

We have been servicing and maintaining coffee machines for 28 years and as a result we know them inside out.  Our 6, in-house engineers are trained by ourselves to refurbish, install, service and repair all of the coffee equipment we supply.  Furthermore, they are approved by the equipment manufacturers – Wega, Rocket, La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino & Mazzer.  

They each have their own van stocked to the top, with the parts your coffee machine will need when it breaks down, so there is no waiting for us to order parts while your customers go thirsty.

When an engineer arrives on-site, there is often no knowing how long the job will take.  That’s why we give them the time they need to fix the equipment, without cutting corners or wasting time.  They are trained to fix the problem as quickly as possible so you can continue serving coffee but will always treat safety as their number one priority.

When the equipment is fixed they have time to answer any other questions that you or your baristas  may have.  Having an expert to speak to about the challenges baristas face is just as important as using good coffee and the right equipment.  We do not overwork our engineers, so they have the energy and enthusiasm to help with any problem you may have.

Rent a machine from coffee cup equipment and eliminate the costly management headaches associated with espresso equipment.

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