Mahlkonig E80S GBW Grinder

  • Grind By Weight Technology
  • Disc Distance Detection
  • Fast Grind Times
  • Easy to Use
  • Grinds 6-7 grams of coffee per second


The E80S GBW is Mahlkonig’s Large Grind By Weight espresso grinder.  The grinder has a set of scales built in to the base that weighs the dose as it falls into the portafilter.  Producing an dose accuracy to the nearest .1 of a gram!  As well as improved accuracy from shot to shot, this means the grinder will adjust the grind time automatically to compensate for grind size adjustments saving your baristas time, that can be spent serving customers.

Our other favourite feature, the patented Disc Distance Detection tells the baristas the actual distance between the burrs, giving them more confidence with their adjustments and a higher chance of hitting the right grind size first time.

These new features will make serving well balanced coffee easier for both rookie and experienced baristas.


  • Dimensions 24 cm wide x 34 deep x 63 high
  • Burr Size 80mm
  • RPM 1400
  • Power 13 amp socket