The reasons for installing the best coffee machine into your offices are probably different compared to that of a coffee shop owner who uses the machine as a source of income.  After all, you may not find yourself too popular if you charge your employees for the coffee they drink whist working.  So here are the reasons why our Full Care Service is perfect for treating your staff to better coffee at their desk.

Increased Employee Productivity

Many people rely on caffeine whilst they work to stay focused and productive.  It keeps us energized when we need a boost and on task when under pressure.  Of course you can find caffeine in a jar of instant coffee but with an ever increasing demand for the best coffee possible you may find the jar of instant being snubbed.  This leaves your employees with a cup of tea which contains far less caffeine or a trip to the local coffee shop, taking time and reducing productivity.

You will have more Capital Spare to invest in Trading

All we ask for before we install your coffee machine is a small deposit, so there’s no need to spend thousands of pounds on expensive barista equipment upfront.  The money saved can stay within your pool of working capital and be used to generate more income for your business.

Your fancy new espresso machine will bring your staff together, improve communication and team bonding.

Having an coffee machine in a communal area will bring employees from different departments together.  They may be in disagreement over the sales figures one day and the next morning sharing barista tips over the coffee machine.  The more familiar and comfortable your employees are with each other the better communication will be across your whole business.

Improved Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Sitting at a desk for hours on end is bad for our posture, core strength and eye sight.  The opportunity to get up and spend five minutes doing something we enjoy helps with this as well as giving us time to rest mentally, in preparation for the rest of the day.  It’s infinitely better for us than smoking or vaping which some employees may turn to otherwise.  A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, lets fuel it with good coffee!

Impress Your Clients

Serving your clients a flat white with their contract is sure to sweeten the deal.  It can also be useful as a source of small talk to fill those empty minutes that can seem like hours!

These benefits are only applicable when the coffee machine works, so making sure your espresso machine has a full care plan to keep it up and running is crucial! 

Our Full Care Service

How many times have you seen a coffee machine in offices and then noticed the frustrating “Out Of Order” sign hanging from it?  When you rent a coffee machine, grinder and water filter from us we include our Full Care Service.  This includes:


Espresso machines need to be installed by a coffee technician. They need to be connected to the water supply, electrical supply & building waste.  The espresso machine and grinder also need to be calibrated to the specific recipe for the coffee you will be using.  It’s all included.

Unlimited Servicing

Our full Care Service takes approximately a hour and will minimize the chances of an unexpected breakdown. You can book this as often as required but we would recommend once a year.  When we service the coffee machine our IOSH qualified engineer will perform a pressure system examination to make sure the espresso machine is safe to use.  Keeping your staff safe whilst they enjoy their coffee is our number one priority.  We will also change the water filter to reduce the amount of scale build up in the machine and keep the coffee tasting great.

Emergency Breakdown Cover 7 Days a Week

Every coffee machine and coffee grinder on hire from us has our telephone number on it.  So when the coffee machine or grinder stops working all you need to do is give us a call.  The calls are answered by a Director at Coffee Cup Equipment so we can quickly provide a solution.  When the problem means you can’t serve coffee we send an engineer straight away to fix the problem.  We are usually on-site within a couple of hours so you won’t need the “out of order” sign for long and your employees can continue to enjoy the best coffee possible.

Barista Support for Offices

Many of the breakdown calls we receive are not actual breakdowns.  It is often the case that the user just needs some advice.  Most commonly the coarseness that the grinder is set to, needs adjusting but there are many other reasons why a 5 minute telephone call can fix the problem.  This is especially useful when there are many different users of the coffee machine.  So with our Full Care Service your employees do not need to be expert baristas to make good coffee, with our expert advice at the end of the telephone we can make sure everyone enjoys using the coffee machine without training as a barista.  When we can’t fix the problem on the phone we will send an engineer to help, because no matter the reason, if you can’t make coffee we are ready to help.

Barista Training for Offices

Apart from the odd employee who worked as a barista when they were studying it’s likely your team will be new to using an espresso machine.  To make the best coffee you need the right equipment and of course good coffee beans. But it is the job of the barista to bring everything together to produce the final product.  For this reason we include 1 free barista training class at your offices after the installation.  We can train up to 5 people, it takes 2-3 hours and covers, health & safety, brewing espresso, Americano, steaming milk and pouring Latte, Cappuccino and Flat White.  We understand you will probably have more than 5 users of the coffee machine, but it takes one on one training at the milk steaming and pouring stage.  The 5 graduates can then pass their wisdom onto your other employees.

office coffee machine rental latte with keyboard and mouse

Final Thoughts

All of the benefits I have talked about are included in our Full Care Service and the price you pay for the coffee machine rental.  So there are no unexpected invoices to pay.  Our Full Care Service

allows you and your colleagues to enjoy the best coffee possible without all of the hassle you would run into if you leased, purchased or rented a coffee machine from another company.  We have been offering the same service for 28 years so we must be doing something right.  You can use any coffee you like, which is all you need, and you are good to go!

If you like what you hear but have some niggling doubts or any question at all.  Please contact us on 07770 542 903 or via our website.  We answer the telephone and enjoy talking about coffee ?






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