Whether you are a group or Independent Business.  What are the Benefits of Renting a Coffee Machine for your Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotels, Gym’s or Hairdressing Salon’s?

If you run a hospitality business other than a coffee shop, then coffee is not your main product.  So you will undoubtedly have many other plates to keep spinning whilst serving your customers the barista standard coffee they have come to expect.  That’s why pubs, bars, night clubs, restaurants and hotels all over London and the South East of England use our Full Care Rental Service.  Here are the reasons why we make serving good coffee super easy for your hospitality business.

Coffee Machine Installation

We want our customers to have the right equipment, so we are always available to help you choose the best coffee machine for your specific business.  Once the equipment is chosen, we will guide you through the site preparation that is needed to make sure we can install the equipment for you successfully.  There is no extra charge for the installation.  It is completed by one of our expert coffee technicians at a time that is convenient for you.  We will also set the grinder and coffee machine to the recipe provided by your coffee roaster.  This means the espresso you serve will taste great from day one.

Unlimited Servicing

Espresso machines and grinders need regular servicing to keep them in top condition, reduce the chances of breakdown and ensure the coffee tastes great.  That’s why all of our customers are entitled to unlimited servicing when they rent a coffee machine from us.  So there are no unexpected bills to pay and the chances of a costly breakdown are dramatically reduced.  

The boiler and pressure system inside the coffee machine needs to be assessed annually by an IOSH qualified engineer, to keep you and your customers safe.  When we service the equipment we perform a pressure system examination and provide the certificate that proves your espresso machine is safe to use, often required by your insurer.  An annual service is usually all that is needed to keep your coffee machine working well, but our servicing is unlimited, so we can service your equipment more often should you need us to.

Emergency Breakdown Cover 7 Days a Week

Even with regular servicing, breakdowns happen!  And coffee machines are rather inconsiderate about when they choose to do this.  But fear not, with our Full Care Service, your emergency is our emergency and we are usually on-site within a couple of hours.  This emergency service is available 7 days a week and there is no extra charge, so the loss of coffee sales is kept to an absolute minimum at no extra cost to your business.  In the unlikely event that our engineer cannot fix your coffee machine, they have a spare machine on their van.  This will keep your business going whilst we arrange to bring you an exact replacement, usually within 24 hours.

Barista Support for Bartenders & Waiters

To serve good coffee you need a professional coffee machine and of course high quality coffee beans.  As well as this, you need a barista who has the skills and knowledge to produce the final product.  Real baristas have usually studied coffee and spent months or years working in a speciality coffee shop.  This level is expertise is not necessary in pubs, bars & restaurants but some knowledge and practice is most certainly required.

If you run a pub, bar or restaurant your to-do list is likely to be a long one already.  So you may not have the time or knowledge yourself to act a head barista when coffee quality issues arise.

Your bartenders have cocktails to mix, pints to pull and food to serve.  So asking them to become expert baristas, is usually a step too far.  Not to mention the likelihood of high staff turnover, resulting in baristas leaving your company just after the earn their barista stripes.

Our Full Care Service includes barista support, so your bartenders and waiters only need to know the barista basics to serve good coffee.  All of our coffee machines and espresso grinders have our telephone number on them, so it is easy for your staff to give us a call.  They can therefore fix the problem, with our guidance, over the telephone, without your managers even hearing about the problem.  When we can’t help over the telephone, we will send an engineer on-site to help.

Barista Training

Our free on-site barista training is available to all of our customers, shortly after we install the coffee machine.  It is for up to 5 people who are interested in serving the best coffee they can and takes 2-3 hours.  Our barista training covers Health & Safety, extracting balanced espresso, Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino & Americano.  Cup sizes (very important), Steaming & pouring milk & espresso machine cleaning.  A good student should be able to pour heart on top of your lattes and flat whites by the end of the session.  If they can’t quite master it on the day, they will know what they need to practice to pour the perfect heart before too long.

Our Range of Equipment

Our professional range of espresso machines and grinders have been carefully selected, based the 28 years of experience we have, renting out coffee machines.   The range does not need to be huge to cover all bases.  If it was, we would not be able to stock all of the parts on the engineers vans.  Inevitably extending waiting time for our customers whist machines are repaired.  

We only add a new piece of equipment to our range once it has been tried, tested and approved by the general coffee industry.  No gimmicks or fads, just quality coffee machines and grinders that can be fixed quickly when necessary.

We have small, medium and large coffee machines and grinders to suit all budgets.  Our cheapest option starts at just over £4 per day, but we also have premium equipment, that will give any of your competitors a run for their money.

No huge investment in coffee equipment

All we ask for, before we install the coffee machine is a small deposit.  So you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on espresso equipment to get started.  We want you to have the right equipment for your business, that you can afford, and are happy with.  That’s why we allow 1 coffee machine change during any 2 or 3 year rental agreement.  We bring the replacement coffee machine and adjust your invoice, no questions asked.  Imagine spending thousands of your hard earnt capital on a coffee machine and grinder, only to find that you needed a smaller or large machine a few months later!

Fast, Flexible & Hassle Free Expansion Service

We also know that Pubs, Bars & Restaurants often belong to a larger group of hospitality establishments.  Sites are often added or removed, refurbished or closed.  All of our hospitality group customers, find our expansion service makes it extremely easy to add professional coffee equipment to new sites.  Once you have completed our initial set of paperwork, we only need some site specific information and your choice of equipment and we can install the equipment within a few days.  If you close a site and open a new one we will move the equipment to you new site, free of charge for the remainder of the rental agreement.

There is no need for the Coffee Machine to take up too much space on your bar

If you would prefer to use your bar space to display your beautiful spirit bottles then you will find we have small 1 group espresso machines that don’t take over your bar space.  These machine are every bit as capable of producing the coffee your customers love, just at smaller volumes.

Use any coffee you want to

Unlike with other rental providers, you are free to use any coffee beans you want to.  This enables you to choose the coffee that compliments your food and falls within your budget.  If you would like un-bias advice on what type of coffee is suitable for your business we are here to help.

Final Thoughts

For pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, gyms & hairdressers coffee is a side product, to keep your customers happy and bring in another stream of revenue.  Our Full Care Service takes away the hassle and makes the whole process easy.  So you have the time you need to focus on the other aspects of your business.  What’s more, every benefit of our Full Care Service is included in the rental charge, so from as little as £4 per day you can serve barista quality coffee.  There are no unexpected bills.  All you need is the coffee!


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